Dembois Landscape Management
Dembois Landscape Management
A Landscape Maintenance Company in las Vegas
Dembois Landscape operates with a pretty simple concept in mind. To provide a quality landscape maintenance service at affordable an price
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About Us:


* You can contact us either by email or phone.

* Our email address is and our phone number is 1-888-297-3295. Contact us anytime.

* Send messages, request work, approve estimates and view approved estimates all online
* Pictures of every property are taken after every landscape service, saved in our CMR database and reviewed after each work. This allows us to keep an accurate record of the progress of your properties landscape maintenance, inform you of any issues found at your property by email, and insure the accountability of our service crews.

* Have a property in the Las Vegas area and live out of town? We can email you pictures of your property, Before and After the service 


* We have a Request page on our website with a 48 hrs or less. response time.

* Pet waste removal. Pooper Scooper. Who likes to do that.... Call us we doo.